Air Sampling and Monitoring Systems

We design and manufacture air sampling, air monitoring, and combined systems. All systems are available as simple or iso-kinetic flow models. Simple air flow is typically employed for radioactivity determination in breathable air in buildings as personnel protection measure. Iso-kinetic flow is used for sampling and/or monitoring of radioactive noble gases and aerosols in technological applications. It has to comply with the norm ISO 2889:2010 Sampling airborne radioactive materials from the stacks and ducts of nuclear facilities. The requisite iso-kinetic sampling systems typically consist of one or more sampling nozzles, specialized electro-polished stainless steel bypass piping, and a PLC system controlling the pumps.

IAM2014 Iso-Kinetic Air Monitoring System

IAM2015 AB Air Monitoring System (α/ß)

IAM2015 AB/I Air Monitoring System (α/ß/Iodine)

IAS2013 Iso-Kinetic Air Sampling System